My Art

My favorite piece from this semester was easy for me, the Ruscha/Rosenquist assignment! As soon as we discussed the assignment in class, my creative juices started flowing. What with the government shut down on everyone’s minds, I had been especially interested in the National Parks closing. As soon as I had my social issue, I began brainstorming. My brainstorming filled a page, and then another.. and I was more than excited to start my project! After speaking to Anna, she informed me that they were still drilling for oil in 12 of the parks, yet they were closed to the public. this got me interested in focusing on the ‘oil’ aspect.. and sparked the idea for using some… substitutes for traditional paint. I was very happy with my finished piece, and although motor oil dripped down the walls of the fine art building for a few weeks, I really enjoyed having created a piece that represented a social issue that I was passionate about.. and the ideas for the content all came from my imagination.. I really felt like this project sparked my creative traits for a few weeks, and really got me working on my art. ImageImage

Marci Hohner 


Andy Sewell

I am a photographer for the Daily Evergreen, and one of my recent assignments was to photograph an artist, who had recently won the “Moscow Plein Air” contest’s gallery in Viola, Idaho. I listened to his interview, and got to learn about this awesome guy who is great at what he does. Andy has been painting for a long time now, and just the last ten years or so went full time artist. His gallery is full of prints and originals of both water color and oil, as well as some really cool metal work that he does. He spoke passionately about his art, and most every piece has a story behind it. His art is truly beautiful, and is a great reflection of the Moscow/ Pullman area, where he has spent most of his life. His 18 year old son is now taking after him in the studio, and I was able to see some great oil pieces done by him as well. Andy won the Plein Air contest this year, and has been featured in many shows and galleries in the area. He was a pleasure to meet, and his art was such an example of when you practice and experiment, amazing things can happen to your ability.

Art That Inspires

This is my first blog post on a contemporary artist, and I chose to do a local photographer- Wyat Taylor.

Wyat is a photographer based out of Olympia Washington, who attends Washington State University. His photography is something to be admired both for it’s beauty, and uniqueness as well as the extreme passion that goes into every photograph. His main focus is nature, which he began photographing at a young age, on one of his many Boy Scout trips, however he uses photography as a job VIA portrait sessions- which he excels at as well. His photography style is stunning, it has a unique style to it that he achieves with split toning in his editing, as well as very dark blacks and shadows contrasting with a washed out overall view. His photography is unique in the true artistic style that goes into his shooting and editing, and the passion that he has for the camera.

Wyat’s art doesn’t end at photography, as he is an aspiring architect and graphic designer as well- his work excels in all areas and it is the love and effort that he puts into every piece that inspires me in my own art.

www. is the official website, but a much better portfolio of his is available at