Word Clouds

Word Clouds

Find a poem online (or write one!) and create a word cloud out of that. Experiment with the different layouts, colors, and fonts. When you have one you like, save it as a .jpg (you can use the print function to download it as a pdf and then convert to jpg) or just grab a screenshot. post your word cloud in the comments section.


What an egg-cellent idea!

What an egg-cellent idea!

Painting on Egg Trays

Tuesday Homework

Pop art and color theory!

The home work assignment for Tuesday is to create a pop-art Andy Warhol style painting, like

this one created of Lady Gaga:



Use a head-shot self-portrait, for instance, your Facebook profile pic or whatever, as your reference.  In one square, create a mono-color painting – for example, only different shades and tints of blue.  In the next square, use an analogous color scheme for example, blue and the colors on either side of blue on the color wheel.  In the third square, use a complementary scheme a blue and a orange,  or a purple and a yellow, or a red and a green.  In the last square, use a triadic color palette.  If we were referencing a 6 color wheel, that would be red, yellow and blue or purple orange and green.