Blog 4: My Art Piece

For this painting, I was pretty excited for the topic, because I have always had a grudge against twitter. That form of social media is taking over the world, from seeing hashtags in the corner of TV shows, to commercials actually saying the word “hashtag” in the add. Kids these days are way too wrapped up in their phones, trying to stay up to date on the latest social media, trying to see what everyone else is making memories of, instead of going out and making memories of their own. So when I was brain storming  how to portray my feelings, I wanted to really capture a powerful image. I started by tweaking the twitter bird to a more evil look. once I got that where I liked, I laid down the blueprints for a globe. As I started painting it under the bird, I wanted to show more control by the bird, so I had the top that he was standing on red with black water, and as it went down, it faded into the normal world. That showed that it’s gaining control, but is not fully in charge yet. So the wording at the bottom is #losingcontrol, because it seems like it won’t end until it’s too late. I was happy with how it turned out.

photo (4)


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