Final Post – My work

I couldn’t find any photos I had from work I did for this class, so I’ll talk about some of my photography work.  I love photography and have been constantly taking photos of pretty much everything in my life and doing shoots with models for a few years now.  However, recently I have been obsessed in shooting with film.  Here are some film shots I’ve taken recently.  My work can be viewed at   F1000002 F1000016F1000013 (1) F1000015 (1) F1000012 (1)


Blog Post #4

I came across Henrik Purienne’s work while browsing on Tumblr.  His portfolio consists of high-grain, sun-soaked film shots of models on the beach and in various tropical areas around the world.  By that description, his work does not sound all that great, but he is one of my favorites at the moment.  He has worked closely with American Apparel, producing some of the brand’s most well-known photos.  Looking at Purienne’s photos, it seems as though you wouldn’t consider the man who took them to be an actual photographer.  I believe that’s the genius about it.  The models in his photographs are not wearing any harsh makeup or acting out dramatic poses.  He shoots them more from a filmmaker/documentary eye and I find that to be genius.  He has also published a self-titled book called “Purienne” and is the founder and creative producer of his own magazine called Mirage.  His work can be viewed at

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Blog Post #3

Annie Leibovitz is considered by many to be the most famous celebrity photographer.  Leibovitz was the chief photographer of The Rolling Stone magazine, where she strongly influenced their image.  She has also  taken many of what are considered to be the most iconic photos ever taken.  Some of work has stirred up controversy in the media.  Some of these works include her shoot with the Queen of England and her topless photo of Miley Cyrus when she was around 13 years old.  Leibovitz had photographed Yoko Ono and John Lennon hours before Lennon was assassinated.  My personal favorite are the portraits she did of Kate Moss and Johnny Depp along with a portrait taken of Kate Winslet, embodying her character in Titanic.  She also created a series of photos for Disney where celebrities were photographed as iconic Disney characters.-Disney-Company-Redheads-Julianne-Moore-The-Little-Mermaid-Mermaids-Concept-Art-Michael-Phelps-Underwater-Annie-Leibovitz-Fresh-New-Hd-Wallpaper-- url-1 url 11da340903bg215 MossDeppLeibovitz Johnny-Depp-and-Kate-Moss-by-Annie-Leibovitz-annie-leibovitz-28293920-400-325

Blog Post #2

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I found this artist while browsing through instagram a while ago and was in awe at her work.  The artist’s name is Charmaine Olivia and she is based in San Francisco.  She specializes mainly in oil painting portraits of female iconic models and celebrities.  I found her style to be very refreshing because I don’t think I’ve ever seen any other artist’s work similar to hers.  She quite often utilizes a naturalistic theme in her paintings.  I’ve seen seahorses, starfishes, birds, dolphins, lingering eyes, and tons and tons of flowers and flower petals.  I also found her technique of doodling various patterns/little designs around the subject of the painting to reflect an unwillingess to limit her creativity.  Her work can be viewed at

Blog Post #1

Blog Post #1

Kelsey Brookes is an artist based in San Diego, California.  His work is made up series of paintings named after various chemicals or drugs.  I thought that his paintings are named after drugs because it gives you a sense of how he envisions these drugs/chemicals and their possible effects.  I feel like the amount of detail that he puts into these paintings are what makes them interesting.  It is apparent that color is important to him because he sticks to a simple pallet of colors for each piece and sticks to these colors.   Brookes originally wanted to pursue a career in the sciences, but left to become an artist. He has worked closely with the clothing company RVCA.  His work can be viewed at