Third Blog Post!

For my final bog post, I would like to talk about a piece of art I created in Fine Arts 102, this semester. It has titled “MADE”. I was feeling uninspired by almost everything for a period of time and one day as I was working on other assignments I came across a blog of wood in the studio that looked interesting to me. My brushes were dirty and washing them was the last thing I wanted to do. Then it hit me, I could use this piece of wood…it had a beautiful and intricate design on it. Therefore, I did.

While pressing this wood on to the paper I started to feel like I was doing something a little labor intensive. The wood was not like a stamp. I had to bang and slam the wood to the paper to get and a look I was happy with. Going through countless pieces of paper. While thinking of labor and my daily dose of news. I started to think about the United States and china. How labor-intensive work is going on in china, to produce most of United States goods. In addition, how most of that work is unfair and a scary thought for the United States economy. I started working with the idea of something that my shock an audience.

With my work, I like to get the viewer thinking, I want them to discuss my art even after they have seen it. So, I made a final backdrop of color in good old American royal blue with the wood I had found. After a while, I finally came up with a saying I thought would be thought provoking. I wrote MADE IN CHINA, in red. My piece had the traditional colors of the American flag. I hope when people see it they start discussing and think about what is going on in our world.


Final Project!

Hey guys!

I did a stop motion video of a good friend of mine, putting on make up and slowly watching it come off again.

I really like the idea of working on something and watching it slowly fade away.

The song is Waves by Chealsea Wolfe, a great indie artist who just debuted an album.

check it out!

Second Blog Post

For my second blog post, I would like to talk about local artist Brandon Vosika is a Seattle artist and collage artist who uses mostly recycled materials when creating his art. Brandon also uses watercolors and pen when creating his pieces. The use of uneven proportion in the faces and bodies of Brandon’s characters is so appealing to the eye. Instead of just staring at a characters face, you have to scan the entire picture plane to see where the eyes are and the nose ends up. Just as the unknown artist in “Vesperbild” contoured the body of Jesus Brandon Vosika stretches the heads of his subjects, makes arms and fingers drastically skinny to give the subject some character. Whether it gives the character a sense of creepiness or makes the subjects look more inviting it depends and varies on what is distorted. It makes me think that things drawn in organic form though they are simple to identify do they still draw as much emotion as something distorte


First Blog Post

FA 102 Blog Post # 1

For my first post, I would like to examine the latest work of Zak Smith in relation conceptual art. Zak Smiths art really portrays conceptual art because you see his outside world influencing his art world. Zak Smiths latest work “Maximum Everything Always” was debuted in May of this year. For those of you not familiar with his work, know that Zak Smith has made a career of drawing people, household objects and abstract art using acrylic and ink. With his latest works, we see very detailed pieces comprised together to make huge works of art. Not only are these works eye catching with the use of complimentary colors, but also they are esthetically pleasing because you can tell his subjects are things close to the artist. In art last semester, I participated in a study of Zak Smith and learned that he does in fact use the personal world of his work in the porn industry and love for comic books as inspiration for his art. By observing his works, you can see these elements in his life are the main subjects in his art. Take for example the women he draws in raw form on set. They are exposed and each subject has a glimmer of emotion on their faces; all expressing emotions they have in the industry they work in, the alternative porn industry that is. The abstract shapes he creates expresses to the viewer the way we see objects in the simplest of forms. We could stare at an object and point out every minor detail. I think there is something more challenging in the idea of staring at shapes and lines and creating an image in your mind, much as comic books do for the viewer.

With Zak Smith’s art, especially with his latest pieces, I feel that you get more of a sense of his passions in life. The most recent pieces lead your imagination to connect with the various self-portraits in these massive collages like pieces he has made. With such obvious presence in where he grabs his inspiration, I feel as if that creates more of a dialogue between artists and viewers. This can be a rare, but very important thing when trying to examine the art and learn from other perspectives.  Image