Andy Sewell

I am a photographer for the Daily Evergreen, and one of my recent assignments was to photograph an artist, who had recently won the “Moscow Plein Air” contest’s gallery in Viola, Idaho. I listened to his interview, and got to learn about this awesome guy who is great at what he does. Andy has been painting for a long time now, and just the last ten years or so went full time artist. His gallery is full of prints and originals of both water color and oil, as well as some really cool metal work that he does. He spoke passionately about his art, and most every piece has a story behind it. His art is truly beautiful, and is a great reflection of the Moscow/ Pullman area, where he has spent most of his life. His 18 year old son is now taking after him in the studio, and I was able to see some great oil pieces done by him as well. Andy won the Plein Air contest this year, and has been featured in many shows and galleries in the area. He was a pleasure to meet, and his art was such an example of when you practice and experiment, amazing things can happen to your ability.


2 responses to “Andy Sewell

  1. If that is the barn I think it is, it’s falling down even more now. If that is the barn I think it is, I want this painting to take with me when I leave this area. I drive past it every time I drive to Moscow (like most folks, I imagine) but I want to stop and take a photo of it every time. When an artist has passion for his work, it shows. He has truly captured an essence of this place on earth.

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