Class Project Post: Think Pink

This was a project that I did during class. I wanted it to have a soft color that resembled water colors so I mixed blue and white paint to make the color a bit lighter. I then added water to give it a “water-colored” look. I painted what was supposed to be the body and did the same thing with the light bulb and background with the colors they appear in. After letting it dry I cut up a sponge that I dabbed into a light gray paint to create the P.I.N.K letters repeated across the painting. Seeing as though I made this during the month of October and I have family experiences with breast cancer that I should follow the theme. The pink color represented women while the blue represented the men that have cancer. Instead of putting a head on the body I made a light bulb to get people to “Think Pink.” I like how I created the image and I like the colors that I used. However, I don’t like the scarf that I made. It looks a bit small and stiff as if it’s not fit like a regular scarf on a body. Overall, it came out great!



Famous Artist Post: Nigel Barker

Nigel Barker is a former reality TV show personality, photographer, author, spokesperson, filmmaker, and former model. He is best known for his participation as a judge and photographer on the reality show America’s Next Top Model. I like his work because it is so unique in the way he puts together his sets for photoshoots. Below are a few pictures from one of my favorite shoots he did on America’s Next Top Model.

imagesCADK17KV imagesCAVCS6FG untitled

Famous Artist Post: Arno Rafael Minkkinen

Arno Rafael Minkkinen is a famous photographer, born and raised in Finland, who is currently living in the United States. He is best known for his black and white photographs containing the juxtapose bodies, alongside landscapes. I like his work because not only is it black and white but he creates poses with bodies in such odd ways that create the perfect image and make the mind think on not only how the poses were carried out but how the camera was placed in order to get the right shot. Many positions are very dangerous and some are simple.

FA Pic 1 img_1707 Kuusamo_Finland_762