Blog Post #4

I came across Henrik Purienne’s work while browsing on Tumblr.  His portfolio consists of high-grain, sun-soaked film shots of models on the beach and in various tropical areas around the world.  By that description, his work does not sound all that great, but he is one of my favorites at the moment.  He has worked closely with American Apparel, producing some of the brand’s most well-known photos.  Looking at Purienne’s photos, it seems as though you wouldn’t consider the man who took them to be an actual photographer.  I believe that’s the genius about it.  The models in his photographs are not wearing any harsh makeup or acting out dramatic poses.  He shoots them more from a filmmaker/documentary eye and I find that to be genius.  He has also published a self-titled book called “Purienne” and is the founder and creative producer of his own magazine called Mirage.  His work can be viewed at

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