Blog Post #3

Annie Leibovitz is considered by many to be the most famous celebrity photographer.  Leibovitz was the chief photographer of The Rolling Stone magazine, where she strongly influenced their image.  She has also  taken many of what are considered to be the most iconic photos ever taken.  Some of work has stirred up controversy in the media.  Some of these works include her shoot with the Queen of England and her topless photo of Miley Cyrus when she was around 13 years old.  Leibovitz had photographed Yoko Ono and John Lennon hours before Lennon was assassinated.  My personal favorite are the portraits she did of Kate Moss and Johnny Depp along with a portrait taken of Kate Winslet, embodying her character in Titanic.  She also created a series of photos for Disney where celebrities were photographed as iconic Disney characters.-Disney-Company-Redheads-Julianne-Moore-The-Little-Mermaid-Mermaids-Concept-Art-Michael-Phelps-Underwater-Annie-Leibovitz-Fresh-New-Hd-Wallpaper-- url-1 url 11da340903bg215 MossDeppLeibovitz Johnny-Depp-and-Kate-Moss-by-Annie-Leibovitz-annie-leibovitz-28293920-400-325


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