Blog Post #2

jewel ocean-limited-edition-is-now-available-50 rose t2ec16rhjie9qso8mfqbqls3nbg60_57 studded-hearts-charmaine-olivia-art-painting-4

I found this artist while browsing through instagram a while ago and was in awe at her work.  The artist’s name is Charmaine Olivia and she is based in San Francisco.  She specializes mainly in oil painting portraits of female iconic models and celebrities.  I found her style to be very refreshing because I don’t think I’ve ever seen any other artist’s work similar to hers.  She quite often utilizes a naturalistic theme in her paintings.  I’ve seen seahorses, starfishes, birds, dolphins, lingering eyes, and tons and tons of flowers and flower petals.  I also found her technique of doodling various patterns/little designs around the subject of the painting to reflect an unwillingess to limit her creativity.  Her work can be viewed at


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