Featured Artist #2: Tintin Cooper

Time Conway scrambled portrait1 TINTIN-COOPER-Void-600x865

Tintin Cooper is a female artist reigning from Bangkok City.  I probably ran into her work from either Tumblr or from late evenings of procrastination, and was instantly mesmerized.  I give credit to Cooper for initiating my love and interest for collage work.  In her work, she uses notable figures form sports to popular media to point out society’s celebrity obsessions.

“My work takes its starting point from icons/images of masculinity, heroism and male identity, which are subsequently deconstructed through the mediums of sculpture, installation and collage.” – Tintin Cooper

These images are usually constructed in a way to obscure the figures’ faces as if to mock them.  What I also enjoy about these photos is the quality.  Cooper purposefully takes photos from the 80’s because they’re “less complicated and more romantic”.  I also understand her intentions and admire the vintage feel.  Cooper’s work of a man in a red sweater has to be my favorite because of her interesting use of weaving in order to distort the figure’s face.  However, she arranges the image in a way where you could still put together the man’s face.


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