Featured Artist #1: Matthew Cox

8-Matthew_Cox_Recovery_Knee_1070_76 x11


One artist that I have recently stumbled across and have been OBSESSED with is Matthew Cox.  Raised in Philadelphia, Cox attended the Parsons School of Design in New York City and Otis/Parsons in LA.  He is known for his work with mix media such as drawings, oil paintings, and (most notably) for his inspiring fusion of medical x-rays and embroidery.  What makes his art so enchanting is his blend of completely opposite mediums and his way of turning everyday medical equipment into works of art.  Many of his weavings either add on to the x-rayed body parts or add a scene around the x-ray.  In his most recent mini x-rayed weavings, Cox takes a chest x-ray and adds on iconic heads such as Ms. Piggy, Snow White, Casper, Barbie, and many more.  I wish I could visit his exhibits in person just to see how he combines the two mediums together; either he sews on top the x-ray or somehow places the two together.  I also love the fact that a man is able to create fine art weavings with such detail and accuracy, when usually women are associated with weaving in US culture.


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