Favorite Work in Art 102

My favorite art work that I did this semester in class was the project we in which we were supposed to create a piece that touched on a social issue.  My project was inspired by Ed Ruscha; his work always appears to be soft and elegant. The simplicity of his pieces is what motivated me to make mine. The issue I chose to discuss was the field mouse going extinct. Many animals today that we wouldn’t expect are going extinct. Like the field mouse, people still perceive them as a pest. The painting I constructed was also enjoyable to paint. I used different forms of the color purple to make the mouse as well as different shades to make the background and base color. It was challenging using only purple to create something that is naturally made up of many different colors but I learned a lot from this experience. Ruscha also would often put words into his paintings, whether they were random or not. I chose the word “vanish” because it is a synonym to extinct but it also promotes more thought and realization that once these animals are gone they aren’t coming back.



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