Katharina Fritsch Artist Research

Using color, scale, and repetition, Katharina Fritsch creates a unique form of sculpture based on everyday objects. She transforms the meaning of a mannequin, a rat, or a kitchen table by giving each a story. In her piece the Rat King, the shock of seeing thirteen rats, taller than the average human staring you down in a menacing, unmoving black  gives the viewer a completely new perspective on the rodent. Originally placed in New York one may wonder if these giant rats might be a symbol of the city itself. The animal that is normally feared, becomes a point of curiosity. These thirteen pillars are not only united by their identical image but also are literally tied together by a large knot in the middle of their circle. In another piece, Company at a Table she uses her repetition of more than thirty sober looking men to make a statement about lack of diversity in culture. The black and white figures dressed in identical clothing, with identical posture, expressions and spacing creates an over-manufactured look to the employees at the table. Meanwhile the table itself is patterned, almost like a picnic table creating a sort of levity to the weighty figures in the piece. I think the processed quality of Katharina’s work adds to the intrigue of the pieces themselves. Between her unique placement of pieces and the quantity of the pieces they are difficult to ignore. This German artist has made her her systematic and minimalistic art with the intent to make the view think about their own life in relation to the object portrayed. Whether  it is a table full of business men or a circle of united rats towering over a city she wants the viewer to interpret its meaning by giving them the most basic information she can. Katharina has made the point of understanding the location of her pieces and pushing her point based on the audience of it.fritsch25 rat


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