Albert Giacometti artist research

Alberto Giacometti was a talented painter and sculpture around the 1930’s. Inspired by cubism and African art he created beautiful and unique works of art. After a few years he moved towards surrealism then changed once again. Giacometti became almost obsessive over his works drawing and re-drawing the same pictures to study the human form as he transferred his human forms to sculpture they became so thin that some crumbled to dust. The figures are described as being seen at a distance but to me seem more like the elongated shadows of humans. These skeletal forms make a statement about the people coming out of World War II. Just as those who have struggled and starved in concentration camps there is very little left of the figures. These faceless being become known only by their poses. I believe these pieces were larger than life size adding to the impact of the figures themselves. The figures are hauntingly gorgeous. It is easy to see Giacometti’s artistic history in the pieces through the simplified form and rough texture of the material itself. I believe these also tell an artists story of frustration very clearly. The almost stick figure quality seems as if Alberto kept chipping away at the work until there was nearly nothing left.giacometti


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