“Your End”

This is the remade version of the color project we did a few weeks ago. By using more primary colors, I was able to create a more successful composition.

I chose to design this in the style of Ed Ruscha by experimenting with space and color to make words stand out. Ed Ruscha is known for incorporating single words or phrases in his work and playing with the letter spacing and texture. My piece is based on his work “The End,” except I took on a more literal meaning.

“Your End” reflects on the issue of suicide in modern times, as indicated by the noose and bottle of pills (which seem to be pretty common methods in our time and may in fact be more favorable and easy to carry out). I repeatedly painted the poster with a sponge until it gained a layered effect, ranging from dark red to light pink. The yellow lettering against the red background creates a bold, vibrant effect and makes the word the center of focus. In the corner of the poster are some typical phrases that bystanders may utter after hearing about a recent suicide, including “If only we knew” and “Why would they do such a thing?”.

Suicides are still an unsolved problem because no one can really know if a person will commit suicide beforehand or the reason why they would want to. Such questions have no definite answer because each suicide victim would have given a different answer based on their personality and personal history. With all this confusion on what drives a person to kill themselves and how to prevent such incidents from occurring, it is likely that suicide will continue being a problem centuries from now.


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