Third Blog Post!

For my final bog post, I would like to talk about a piece of art I created in Fine Arts 102, this semester. It has titled “MADE”. I was feeling uninspired by almost everything for a period of time and one day as I was working on other assignments I came across a blog of wood in the studio that looked interesting to me. My brushes were dirty and washing them was the last thing I wanted to do. Then it hit me, I could use this piece of wood…it had a beautiful and intricate design on it. Therefore, I did.

While pressing this wood on to the paper I started to feel like I was doing something a little labor intensive. The wood was not like a stamp. I had to bang and slam the wood to the paper to get and a look I was happy with. Going through countless pieces of paper. While thinking of labor and my daily dose of news. I started to think about the United States and china. How labor-intensive work is going on in china, to produce most of United States goods. In addition, how most of that work is unfair and a scary thought for the United States economy. I started working with the idea of something that my shock an audience.

With my work, I like to get the viewer thinking, I want them to discuss my art even after they have seen it. So, I made a final backdrop of color in good old American royal blue with the wood I had found. After a while, I finally came up with a saying I thought would be thought provoking. I wrote MADE IN CHINA, in red. My piece had the traditional colors of the American flag. I hope when people see it they start discussing and think about what is going on in our world.


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