Third and Final Blog Post: My Own Artwork

Last but not least, I will be talking about one of my own works of art for my third blog post. For this post I decided to choose my own painting I did titled “Corruption”.  This painting was inspired by my desire to promote saving dolphins. Many people do not know about the corrupt world of killing dolphins in Japan to sell as illegal cheap fish meet. They also capture few that they strip from their families and ship them across the world to put in a small tank of water as entertainment. This small tank of water is called Sea World. While the dolphins look like they are having fun, they are actually miserable in tiny tank with loud noises rather than being our in the free ocean. 

For my painting I incorporated James Rosenquists style of painting by layering on different images. I started with an acrylic paint base of ocean backdrop and then layered on an image of a captured dolphin and stuck on netting-like material to give it a sense of being captured in a net. Then over on the left hand side I painted a the dolphins family and cut it into pieces to mimic Rosenquists style of chopped up images, yet you can still see the overall picture. As for color I decided to have the ocean be dark where the dolphin was being captures and show the sun beaming through the ocean on the left where the family is to show the dolphin was being taken from the light and its family. 

If I were to reflect back on my painting I am very proud of it in terms of overall composition and incorporating Rosenquists style, however I would have liked to make the water red and bold to reflect on the killing of the dolphins and the blood in the water. I think it would have provoked more emotion.

Overall I had fun with the assignment and was able to paint about something I have a passion for.


Here is a picture of a James Rosenquist masterpiece in which I tried to use his style on my own art.



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