Second Blog Post: Graham Nickson

Graham Nickson is an artist whom I am greatly inspired by, which is why I decided to write my second blog post on him. His use of simple strokes and minimal composition with vibrant colors is intriguing to the eye and shows a very unique style of painting. Nicksons work is abstract yet objective and in many of his paintings he will focus on one subject, whether it be a tree or even someone simply standing and will use his skills with shape and color combinations to create a beautiful landscape surrounding the subject creating artwork unlike any other.


Graham Nickson is a New York based British artist who strives to turn everyday sights and landscapes and turns them into very unique beautiful pieces of art in a style unlike any other. He would turn something as cliché as a sunset into his own. Nickson is now Dean of the New York Studio School and has been since 1988.  Nicksons artwork is featured in numerous famous art galleries and his mission now is to pass on his own teachings and skills to future artists.


I am currently working on a charcoal piece that is mimicking Graham Nicksons style yet with my own composition. I would have loved to use oil paint as the medium but my class assignment required charcoal, however it is still turning out very nicely and I am able to capture the simplistic composition and strokes with great detail in the landscape. I am excited to see the final product!


One of my favorite quotes from the artist:


“The challenge, of course, is to move people to look at an image they’ve seen many times before – something as banal as someone taking off their shirt on the beach – and to have them realize they’ve never quite seen it that way. (Graham Nickson)”




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