Rodeo Photographer Matt Cohen

Being a professional rodeo photographer is a tough job. You have to be quick on your feet and focused enough to capture an action shot of each competitor. You never know if a loose bull or horse will be coming your way. Rodeo Photographer Matt Cohen is amazing at capturing rodeo action shots. He uses unique angles to capture the competitors and their mounts. He also uses vibrant colors in his photography that really catches the viewers eye. In each action shot, he captures the intensity of the athletes, horses, steers, and bulls. Not only does Cohen feature the rodeo performances, he also goes behind the scenes with his photography. He tells many stories of each cowboy through the lenses of his camera. Cohen captures the full story of rodeo and the passionate hard working people who travel year round. He also does his best to capture the livestock and horses in a powerful way. You can see the dedication and intensity in each photograph. He is by far one of my favorite rodeo photographers.


 Image PRCA Rodeo 2013 - Reno Rodeo

PRCA Rodeo 2013 - Reno RodeoPRCA Rodeo 2013 - Marysville Stampede


One response to “Rodeo Photographer Matt Cohen

  1. These shots capture so much drama and flavor, of that whole rodeo culture. And no time for error in composing and capturing the shot either…with everything happening so fast the photographer better be flying tight! Makes me miss the Southwest, a little bit.

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