First Blog Post: Jackson Pollock

For my first blog post I wanted to talk about an artist that I have admired since the beginning of high school when I really started to take my art more seriously. This artist Jackson Pollock, or as some might call him, “Jack the Dripper”.  While he does not like being call “Jack the Dripper” it is a name well suited for him that was given to him because he is known for his unique use of dripping paint on large canvases to create masterpieces. Pollock is an American artist whose artwork was very popular during the abstract expressionist movement.  Pollock tragically died at age 44 in an alcohol related car accident, which did not come to surprise being that he battled alcoholism for most of his life. Even though Pollock died, his work still lives on. In fact, in a recent auction in 2012, Pollock’s artwork, “Number 19” sold for roughly $ 58.5 million. Pollocks work was very popular in pop culture whether it was used in films or even as album covers.

My love for Pollocks artwork comes from the freedom it expresses. Every drip of paint looks so effortless and free, yet every drip is placed with purpose and for a reason. The layers of paint give a sense of depth to the artwork. For a final project my senior year of high school I did a painting inspired by Pollocks style of a Willow tree in fog and the will tree was made out of dripping paint. I had a lot of fun with this style of art, which is why, to this day, I am a huge fan of Jackson Pollock.

ImageThis is a photo of Jackson Pollock creating a work of art. 


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