Class Project Post: Think Pink

This was a project that I did during class. I wanted it to have a soft color that resembled water colors so I mixed blue and white paint to make the color a bit lighter. I then added water to give it a “water-colored” look. I painted what was supposed to be the body and did the same thing with the light bulb and background with the colors they appear in. After letting it dry I cut up a sponge that I dabbed into a light gray paint to create the P.I.N.K letters repeated across the painting. Seeing as though I made this during the month of October and I have family experiences with breast cancer that I should follow the theme. The pink color represented women while the blue represented the men that have cancer. Instead of putting a head on the body I made a light bulb to get people to “Think Pink.” I like how I created the image and I like the colors that I used. However, I don’t like the scarf that I made. It looks a bit small and stiff as if it’s not fit like a regular scarf on a body. Overall, it came out great!



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