Watercolor Artist Catherine Hearding

Watercolor Artist Catherine Hearding

Catherine Hearding paints beautiful realistic nature scenes in watercolor. According to her website her goal in painting is to “portray the beauty of the ordinary.” She is a self-taught artist and works in her home in Lake Elmo, Minesota. She also uses her expertise in watercolor to teach classes and workshops.
In her work she focuses on the shadows of the objects in nature. She uses vibrant colors to portray definitions of texture. Her work is very realistic with a touch of abstract when she features part of a subject. She also gives a clean almost whimsical look towards nature and landscapes. I love how she expresses lots of detail and dynamics with her paintings. She is extremely talented and knows how to create a beautiful dynamic watercolor painting.

-Christy Fleener


One response to “Watercolor Artist Catherine Hearding

  1. Watercolor? Really? It’s so saturated…There is certainly something to be said for photo-realistic painting…it’s not easy! And her mastery of color is inarguable.

    Check out this article about a art show she juried: http://northstarwatermedia.com/2012-fall-watermedia-show-reflections/

    She describes in design terms what she likes most about other artists’ paintings, what design elements make a work compelling, very clearly, concisely and spot on.

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