Annette Olivieri

I have had the pleasure to know an amazing photographer, Annette Olivieri. She does many different portraits including, but not limited to, holiday, family, senior pictures, engagement photos and weddings. She is the kind of photographer that when you see her work, you just fall in love with it. I find myself often going to her website just to see her new work! I have been on a photo shoot with her before and she just makes it so fun to be around. Every time I am around her, or see her work, I feel inspired to start doing my own personal photography. The only problem is she makes it look a LOT easier that it really is! Although I have never had professional pictures taken by Annette, I did get the chance to go on an art trip to Europe with her. She had her camera at all times with her snapping pictures here and there, everywhere! When it was over, I ended up with so many photograph treasures that she took. Still memories from the trip of a lifetime! When it comes time for my wedding, Annette will defiantly be getting a phone call! 547443_10151634478023889_869486479_n[1]


One response to “Annette Olivieri

  1. Photographing for clients can be incredibly demanding…With good cameras/software so available and no darkroom required, many amateur photographers can produce decent work, so it takes an extra special something for a professional to convince others why they should pay that fee and get some extra special photos. I admire those that can pull it off. Annette seems to put a great deal of thought into creating unique settings, and applies an expert touch from pre-composition to post-editing.

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