first post: Junaida

first post: Junaida

Junaida is a Japanese artist who lives in Kyoto, Japan. I always obsessed with his art of works because they are ideal and fantasy that are as same as fairy tale. His drawings always contain many western buildings which usually mixed with in an object. On the other hand, I like how he uses the colors for his works which created a smoothy image.

if you would interested in this artist, you should go to his website:


One response to “first post: Junaida

  1. This is very visually lush work! I love the bold colors that really pop. Exploring one of these artworks is like exploring a whole fantasy world. There is a piece on his website, train/rain/rainbow, that you can navigate with the space-bar that is really quite a bit of fun with all the detail at work in the scenes.

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