Paul Vexler

Paul Vexler

            Paul Vexler spoke in the CUB auditorium during the last week of September. Vexler is a local artist from the Seattle area. His pieces have been put in place in local hospitals, office buildings and community colleges in the area. Over the summer one of his works was installed in the CUB near the main entrance. The piece is called the Yellow Knot. It is mainly constructed of thinly sliced wood and small hardware that holds it and suspends it from the ceiling. This structure is 17 feet long that Vexler installed personally. This piece in particular took about a year to create while some of his other works may take up to 2 years.  Vexler does not only do hanging structures but also mechanical and and more wooden pieces of art that can be place outside.

The purpose of Vexlers visit to WSU was to inform and share his unique methods of creating his art. He slices the wood so thinly that it can be manipulated into any shape. Carpentry is a big role in how his works are made. Seeing how creative Vexler was when he invented his methods of creating all of his work is inspiring. His career as an artist also began later in his life. Starting a career as an artist at the age of 50 and being as successful as he is.


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